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I understand that Athearn is going to be releasing their heavyweight passenger cars in ACL. I have noticed that their heavyweight cars do not have end doors and one can see through the whole car. Are there after market products for these end doors, or what is the best way to close off the ends?

-- Rick Milas (, January 29, 2001


Rick, the easiest way to put in bulkhead panels is to build them out of sheet and strip styrene. Using this method you cut one piece to the rough dimension of the interior so that it can be glued with CA to the floor of the car. Then using dimensional strip styrene, build up the door frame and the door. You can mass produce bulkheads by building several at a time on a single strip of styrene and cutting them to size after they are completed. This is from an article in MR in the late 80's on modifying Rivarossi pullman cars- it works pretty well.

-- mark huband (, January 30, 2001.

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