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Here's a fun site for any of you with children (or maybe the child in you). :-)

It's a dreary day here in southern Minnesota with a big ice/snow storm on the way so maybe making paper airplanes would be a good way to pass the time.

Click on the image below to get the instructions for building this thing. Have fun!

-- Jim Morris (, January 29, 2001


Cool. I built it and my kids and I went outside to fly it, and the 1st flight was great...but it landed in the snow. It doesn't fly anymore - I should have de-iced it before its next flight, but I was in a rush. So, its 2nd flight was a disaster - it went into a tailspin and crashed into a suburban neighborhood. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

-- andrea smith (, January 29, 2001.

Oh Jim! What do you know that this old Illinois hillbilly would like to know? That's neat what you did. Mind tell'n us old dummies how ya'll did't? Thanks. hoot, the purty illinois hillbilly. Matt.24:44

-- hoot (, January 29, 2001.

Hey Wow- this I have got to try with the grandkids (maybe I will try it myself and just not tell anyone???) Thanks Jim. How ever did you put the picture there so nice?

-- diane (, January 29, 2001.

Hi guys,

Glad you all enjoyed the site. I'm hoping to get a chance to build this thing on the weekend.

As for how I did it. I got the image to display on this page by using HTML code to grab the image from the paper airplane's web site and display it here.

The code looks like this:

<a href=""><img src="" border=0></a>

You can grab pretty much any images out there on the Internet and display it on your own site. For instance, I built my own information portal that grabs weather images from several different commercial web sites (ie. The Weather Channel). That way I don't have to go to each web site to get the information - I can have it delivered to my personal portal and updated whenever I hit the refresh button.

Here's an example of a weather map on my portal from The Weather Channel:

The HTML code for the image above looks like this:

<img src=" pg"></A>

Here's another one from USA Today's web site:

Precipitation Map

The code for the USA Today map looks like this:

<IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 ALIGN=TOP ALT="Precipitation Map">

That's pretty much how it's done. I built my first portal about four years ago and keep adding/changing it to suit my tastes as time goes by. I have links to frequent web sites as well as the weather info. I also have search engines (google, infoseek, etc.) as well as a form to search my local library for books and then put them on hold.

I've recently put other library links so I can expand my search for books if the local library doesn't carry what I'm looking for.

That's pretty much it. I hope my explanation made sense. Let me know if you have any further questions. :-)

-- Jim Morris (, January 29, 2001.

I should have checked my writing a little better before hitting the submit button.

I wrote "I have links to frequent web sites.." when I meant to say "I have links to frequently visited web sites..."

I also said "I've recently put other library links..." when I meant to say "I've recently put other library links on my portal..."

Sorry about that. :-)

-- Jim Morris (, January 29, 2001.

Thank you for posting that, cant wait to try it.

-- kathy h (, January 30, 2001.

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