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Hello, fellow (and lady) Southern railfans,

I'm renewing a call for photos for a forthcoming book entitled "Railroads of Birmingham" to be published by TLC this fall. We're searching for high quality images in any format (print, negative, or slide)of Birmingham area railroads taken in the late 1940's up until Amtrak. Our core coverage is the 1950's and 1960's. We're especially in need of Southern action photos (not roster shots) of passenger and freight trains taken at or near Birmingham during this period. We'll also consider any other local roads you might have. Contributors will receive appropriate credit with their photos, a copy of the book at our cost, and our undying gratitude.

This is the first book of railroad photos to be published on Birmingham and we want to include the very best available images. If you have or know of any material that you even remotely think could be used, please contact me by email. Thanks very much!

-- Marvin Clemons (, January 29, 2001


I have a black/White photo i framed that my dad took in 1940-41 of a "Mike" heading up freight, taking on water in the snow in Concord , N. C., southbound. I could give you a copy if interested. Regards.

-- Tom Rogers (, January 31, 2001.

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