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a qualified neuropsychologist suggested AS to be a diagnosis more accurate than the schizo-typal personality disorder diagnosis i received six years ago after finishing college.

going to dsmIV, ICD10, Burtons anatomy of melancholy ... various resources ... i first considered AS a condition first presenting during childhood and did not understand my therapist's point of view

after spending some time these past few days ... Tony Attwood ... an employment manual for AS diagnosis recipients ... i've reconsisdered the accuracy of the diagnosis and am in very much need to find someone ... with AS ... who is employed in their interest ... to mentor ... my employment situation is sickening ... i will learn more about the condition ... do some analysis ... get help locally ... but please i need support ... i want to employ my condition ... does any one out there have anything to share ... please contact me ... will you ???

-- michael e. bomberger (, January 28, 2001

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