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I am reading the book "Through the Heart of the South" by Robert Wayne Johnson. Several photos give credit to R.D. Sharpless. My grandfather, Roy Arthur Sharpless, Sr., was an engineer and retired from Seaboard. He worked out of Tampa, FL. I would like to have information about R.D. Sharpless, his relationship to Seaboard and possibly his relationship to me.

-- Karen Asfour (, January 28, 2001


R.D. "Dick" Sharpless was a resident of the metro Atlanta area for many years. Prior to his death about 12 years ago, he was living in Ellenwood, on the southeast side of Atlanta. I regret that I never was priveleged to meet Mr. Sharpless in person. He was a very close friend with Shelby Lowe, who in turn was a close friend of mine. Dick and Shelby were still chasing trains right up until the late 1980's when Dick was diagnosed with terminal cancer. According to his photo credits, he was in the north Georgia area since the early 1940's. He, Shelby, and Dave Salter went on numerous railfanning trips all though central and north Georgia during the 1950's. Dick was especially handy with his 8mm color movie camera and captured hours of valuable footage of early diesel action in Georgia. I was fortunate to see these films while they were in the possession of Shelby Lowe. Shortly before his death, Shelby sold the reels to a video outfit (in Tennessee, I believe) with the expectation that they would be released to the public soon. Hopefully Dave Salter will see this inquiry and contribute some real info, as I am only passing along what I remember from Shelby.

-- Tom Alderman (, January 28, 2001.

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