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I went through archives and found a couple of threads dealing with chicken pluckers. What are you all using? Is it worth the investment for 100-150 chickens yearly? I read one thread discussing brands and i am checking into the suggested Jako and Stomberg's companies. Any other advice? We do process some skinless, with the water method. I tend to like skin on for my soup stock and grilling.

-- Shau Marie (, January 28, 2001


It seems to me that unless you intend to process a lot of birds, the cost is very prohibitive. Looking for a used commercial plucker would make more sense, because you will get quality for a better price.

I have had the opportunity to use a home made plucker in the past. This guy modified an old squirrel cage fan. He cut out part of the housing to expose the fan. He then replaced the fan with a steel cylinder in which he had drilled holes to hold the fingers.

I now use a used-used commercial plucker that we got from a guy that had purchased a newer drum type plucker. Looks like a wringer washer machine with fingers in the drum.

-- Wayne (, January 29, 2001.

I've never used one, we pluck by hand but never 100 at a time. It does seem to me that this is one of those items which is used only a very small percentage of the time and could be shared between several families. You might even try asking around locally at the feed store to see who has one. Our neighbors used to always borrow one when they butchered their cornish crosses. I think they just exchanged some chicken for it's use. Kim

-- kim (, January 29, 2001.

I made a chicken picker from a used electric motor and parts laying around. For the drum...a 12" galvanized duct pipe. I plugged the ends with plywood and attached a shaft through the plywood ends. I mounted the shaft on pillow block bearing and bolted this to a frame with the motor mounted, pully on the drum and motor, holes drilled in the drum with rubber fingers mounted(from Stromberg's). It works great for about $75. I shared this info with a neighbor and he told me about his picker. He used a washing with rubber fingers mounted inside the drum. He used the spin cycle and came out with clean chicken! I don't know if it really worked, but I tend to think it did.

-- Daniel Ford (, January 29, 2001.

Thanks for all your help. I may have a line on a rental. Would be commercial and save me some dollars.

-- Shau Marie (, January 30, 2001.

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