Mike Hancock MP leads a parliamentary campaign against the mortgage shortfall 'debt' scandal

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Good news. Finally, an MP has taken an informed interest in the mortgage shortfall 'debt' recovery scandal, and is taking active steps to highlight the situation and bring about change on our behalf. He is particularly concerned that the lenders will not supply proper proof of these 'debts' and that they so often appear to have sold repossessed properties far too cheaply.

People have been sending him their stories and documented evidence of unfair pratices on the part of lenders from all over the country.

He has now tabled a second Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons on this issue, his first having received good support. He is also planning to sponsor an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons, and meet with lenders' senior figures.

You can help Mike Hancock keep up the pressure. He has asked me to pass on a message to every shortfall victim who reads the Hope Repossession Page and who feels that they have been treated unfairly:

Will you write to your MPs and ask them to:

1. Write to the Chairman of the lender concerned, asking for a public statement from him (or her) that ex borrowers will be given full access to their files and to all the proof & evidence of shortfall claims against them.

2. Support (sign) the EDM.

3. Support and take part in the forthcoming Adjournment Debate.

If you need to find out who your MP is, and/or want to find out how to contact them (some but not all have email addresses), go to:


This brings you to a Frequently Asked Questions page on the House of Commons web site. Scroll down to questions six and seven: 'Who is my MP?' and 'How to contact your MP'.

Mike Hancock MP can be contacted at: 1a Albert Road, Southsea, Portsmouth PO5 2SE. Tel 023 9286 1055. Fax 023 9283 0530. Or you can email him via the House of Commons web site. (He is the Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South.) He can only act directly for his own constituents, which is one of reasons why he needs all of you to contact your own MPs and ask them to get involved.

This campaign has been growing slowing since late last summer - it's now bearing fruit.

Thanks & well done, everybody! all best, Eleanor.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), January 28, 2001


Brilliant. I fully support everything said and done by Eleanor. My MP, Bob Russell is fully behinfd this action and will sign the EDM.

-- Matt (Mattyc@ntlworld.com), January 28, 2001.

This is very good news indeed, but it will be wasted if we don't make the effort to contact our MP's. I have had confirmation from Nick Harvey ( Lib Dem/North Devon ) that he has already signed the EDM and is in support of our issues, hopefully he will take part in the Adjournment debate. * One small step for man, one giant step for mankind * Lets get busy! Jacky.

-- jacky jones (jones5@btinternet.com), January 28, 2001.

Sounds great Eleanor ! Well done to all the these MPs too ! Would they be interested in seeing the use of falsified evidence before the Court of Appeal and forgery of mortgage statements to re- inforce their perjury before the Court of Appeal, in order to prevent a highly embarrassing landmark decision for borrowers who had been secretly overcharged ? Which is probably why this particular lender doesn't like borrowers to know how their mortgage is calculated. Vic

-- Vic Harper (victorcharper@aol.com), January 28, 2001.

These are great responses within a couple of hours of my posting the original message. So come on, keep them coming. I'm going to print out this thread and give it to Mike Hancock, so this is *your* chance to pass on a direct message to the MP who is actually supporting you in the House of Commons.

It's time for the scandal to stop. Now.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), January 28, 2001.

At last this scandal is being highlighted where it matters. I intend to throw my full support behind this. I will certainly contact my MP and ask him to get involved. I'm certain he'll be even more interested with the facts I've now uncovered.

I think the supporting MPs should be congratulated on having the courage of their convictions. Would they be interested I wonder in seeing valuations that don't tally with the truth or the evidence of the marketing of a property full of 16 cubic yards of rubbish?

Don't forget you can also fax your MP as there is a FREE service on the web where you just type in your post code and it tells you who your MP is and provides you with a form where you can type your letter, add your name, address and Email address. The system then Emails you to check that you are who you claim and that you want to send a fax to your MP. Once you have given the OK, the fax is sent automatically and free.

It's at:


So come on let's all support this because as Martin Luther King once said; "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!"

-- Tony Hayter (Tony@Hayter.com), January 28, 2001.

Excellent news. I wish I was coming back to the UK sooner so that I could pressurize my [new]local MP. At the time of my repossession I sought help from the local MP and was told he didn't get involved "in such matters". When I pointed out he was obliged to at least look into the case he flatly refused. Rich Tories are not renowned for their sympathy, but I am delighted to read that Mr.Hancock is actually doing something for all victims.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), January 28, 2001.

Wonder who your then MP was ? Perhaps comming up to a General He might now be interested.


-- Michael Mullins (Michael.Mullins@tinyworld.co.uk), January 29, 2001.

I have e-mailed Mike H. to breifly outline my situation & express my support for the good work he is doing on our behalf. I will also be writing to my MP (Tony Benn)asking him to support the EDM etc.

Best wishes. Vince

-- vincent smile (vincent.smile@postoffice.co.uk), January 30, 2001.

We emailed our MP asking him to support Mike Hancock,s early day motion,his reply was that it is not his practise to sign early day motions,they have become devalued currency.Other comments included,"Clearly a debt owed to a mortgage company can be claimed long after the date when it was incurred"

-- philip smith (pws@freeuk.com), February 08, 2001.

He wouldn't have been a South Coast MP now would he?

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), February 08, 2001.

Hi Philip,

I personally know of only one MP that has expressed similar sentiments in regard to this extremely important issue. He is a member of the Conservative party. May I politely ask who your MP is and to which political party he/she belongs?

-- Tony Hayter (Tony@Hayter.com), February 08, 2001.

Oh dear, Philip, if this had been my MP I would have felt tempted - even compelled - to say who it was. Fancy having an MP who is so contemptuous of parliamentary process! As it happens, EDMs can have a powerful effect by highlighting injustices and reinforcing action. So, EDM 155, 'Charging for Criminal Records of Volunteers', has just led to a U-turn by the government on the issue of the 10 charge, as you'll know if you read your broadsheets. As for your MP's second point, Mike Hancock's EDM is not about the time limit (that was Geraint Davies' EDM); Mike Hancock's EDM focuses on the lenders' reluctance to subtantiate their claims with documentary proof, and the under-valuing, under-marketing and under-selling of properties, as stated in the lead post above.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), February 08, 2001.

An update to this post:

EDM 62 has now attracted 50 signatures, which is a great result so far. Thanks to everyone who is encouraging their MPs to sign Mike Hancock's Early Day Motion.

all best,

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), April 05, 2001.

EDM 62 attracted the signatures of 53 MPs, and a lot of media attention, by the time of the General Election.

Good result. Thanks.

-- Eleanor Scott (eleanor.scott@btinternet.com), June 17, 2001.

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