Waycross Rice Yard Shop

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Does anyone know how to contact anyone who works in the shop at Waycross, Ga. ? Better yet I would like to visit the shop where my caboose SCL 0891 was built. Is this possible you think?

Also does anyone know about the Motorola radios SCL used in their cabeese? Thanks.

-- Joy Burnham (BurnhamJ@mindspring.com), January 27, 2001


A photo of one of the caboose radios is on p. 129 of my "Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast" book, although it is Bendix and not Motorola.

-- Larry Goolsby (LGoolsby@aphsa.org), July 12, 2001.

I have access to the CSX mainframe every day when I am working my YM job in Tampa. DO you have aspecific person you want to contact?

The Motorola radios used on the cabeese and also on the locomotives were comprised of a very large and heavy radio pack (the unit itself as big as a suitcase), a frame to hold the pack, and a outlet box consisting of a speaker, volume and channel dials, and the telephone handset. There was a cable connecting the outlet box to the radio frame. It was very bulky, but it worked. That was used until several years ago, AAR mandated a digital radio with access to all the assigned RR channels be used on the equipment. The engine radios are self contained units as big as a lunchbox. The radio willtune all channels but RR rules state only channels assigned the the specific RR are to be used...I don't think there is any of the original equipment around any more, unless you have the equipment intact on your coboose.

-- Walt Rogers (wjriii@gte.net), July 12, 2001.

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