2 bath development of TMAX 100

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I mixed this over this weekend and used in my Jobo rotary with TMAX 100 @ 80 -100 iso

Theoretically it should work for any film 25 - 200 iso at the times below.

If you have some chemistry in your darkroom and some scales you may like to try this 2 bath developer.

[A] 2.5 gms Metol 10 gms sodium sulphite. 500cc water

[B] 3 gms sodium sulphite 7.5 gms sodium carbonate 500cc water.

Mix the chemical in the order above in warm water.

Store in individual bottles.

Use @ any temperature between 20 - 25c

4 minutes in part A no rinse and 4 minutes in part B.

normal fix and wash.

If you haven't got a rotary processor try agitation every 30 secs for 5 seconds. The amount of agitation probably isn't all that important as long as you provide enough to stop streaking in the second bath.

If you try it let me know what results you got.

I tried both 120 and 35mm film and felt there was a difference between the two emulsions. Both films printed very well on grade 2 in my condensor enlarger.

Grain was good with close to full film speed and a good tone range.

Steve Nicholls



-- Steve Nicholls (gl1500@chariot.net.au), January 26, 2001


2 bath developers are GREAT and you would be hard pressed to screw things up using them. They are compensating so that your highlights won't over develop and you will have good shadow detail. I have a number of other recipes if you are interested... Cheers

-- Scott Walton (f64sw@hotmail.com), January 29, 2001.

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