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My natural gas bill in winter in SoCal has been running in the past $15, $20, maybe $25-30 during cold (40 degree) nights. Last month's bill (December) just came yesterday -- $65. Over 200 percent increase.

I know those of you in most of the country pay lots more than this, so I'm not complaining; just wanted to make note of it for the record.

It's not just an electricity shortage in CA. It appears the fun has just begun. FWIW.


-- PHO (, January 25, 2001


Its not just California as the grassroots board has shown, its the entire country and Canada - don't know about Mexico. Possible domino effects are:

1. Less money for discretionary spending on recreation etc. 2. Higher percentage of personal bankruptcies AND small businesses. 3. Considerably more layoffs as energy intensive industries can't afford to operate with 50-100% increase in natural gas WHICH we have become dependent on just like gasoline. 4. Less growth in economy UNTIL we find alternatives to natural gas to operate our homes and industries. 5. Potential recession looming on horizon (but also with other factors involved). 6. More research and investment in alternative energy sources (fuel cell, wind, solar, wave, etc) This is the only positive of the whole scenario.

-- Guy Daley (, January 25, 2001.

I wanted to thank you for reporting on your gas bill. And yes, it is a problem all over the country.. My relatives have bills that have went up around a 200% increase also...

-- Teresa (, January 26, 2001.

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