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I have been trying to convert DIVX movies to VCD. Although I tried using VirtualDub to uncompress the audio and then AVI2VCD with some success, it was too slow and AVI2VCD just bombs out from some movie files.

Recently, I tried using LSX which is much faster but it creates a new problem. The MPEG-1 files I produce can play on Xing 3.30 beautifully (with both audio and video) on the PC but when I use Nero 5.0 to create a VCD, the VCD player plays the VCD with the video coming out fine but the audio is messed up. I only hear crackling and hissing noises. When I tested the same MPEG-1 file on Xing 3.12 on another machine by chance, I get the same crackling and hissing noise effect.

Could anyone give me a pointer as to what exactly is wrong with the audio? It seems to be a compression problem?

-- Alan (, January 25, 2001


Is your audio portion follow the VCD spec. (44 KHz, stero, 2xx bit rate & ?? compression format)? Furthermore, Nero have an option in its 1st tab-like VCD creation menu for checking the format of the input MPEG-1 files, you can use it for doing some checking for you.

-- Heater WONG (, January 29, 2001.

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