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Hi everybody.

My nam is Guillaume and I'm from Québec. I felle in love with Boris Vian 100 years ago by reading "Froth"... Then I have read a lot of his work. So now I study teaching moral. In a work I have to present a persone who contributed to the moral of a country. So I,ve decided to present Boris Vian/Vernon Sullivan by presenting the affair of I shall spit on your grave. I went trough several biographies of Vian Philippe Boggio (intitled Boris Vian), Noël Arnaud (Les vies parallelles de Boris Vian) and some others... They alway say that Daniel Parker was harrassing him for moral etc... Accusing him of translating immoral books. But is there a document where they present Parker argumentation? The thing is that I consider Vian to be a writer to have contributed to the liberty of expression in France. That is why I want to know more (Maybe i can find responses in Écrits pornographiques but they are not really comming from the accusator (Parker))

-- Guillaume Lesage (, January 25, 2001


Try these sites

-- Robert Whyte (, June 29, 2003.

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