What do you call your grandparents?

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So what funny names do you have for your grandparents? Do you like one side of the family better than the other? Tell me all about it...

-- Sarah (sgates@cnu.edu), January 24, 2001


I call my paternal GPs Grandma and Grandpap. Boring, yes, but still distinctive, considering I call my maternal grandmother Me-Ma and I calld my maternal grandfather Pap-Pap. And I've always been closer to Mom's side of the family than Dad's side... The Watsons are weird-- bordering on Springer-weird--and the Gorski/Mullen clan is just damn cool.

-- Jeremy (jdwatson@widomaker.com), January 25, 2001.

I had a grammy. (no I don't sing silly) She is my great grandmother. I kinda only have one side of the family that I deal with at all. That would be my dad's side. My mom's side of the family decided that they did not approve of my dad. (shhh. . .but my parents were not married at my conception, birth, or 1st birthday) oops...

I'm getting a new set though. . .Springer, here I come

-- Jessica (s2jlhitc@titan.vcu.edu), January 25, 2001.

well..i wasn't really going to talk about the question, i just wanted to say, that this journal entry completely made my day (it had been rather shitty-the day, that is). But, since i'm already here and typing, i call my grandfather Dadat, and my grandmother (before she died (a long time ago)) Momom. My brother, when he was little, couldn't figure out what mom was talking about when she tried to explain to him that these were her parents-that this was her mom and her dad. So he kinda kept say my mom which turned into momom and i'm not sure the specifics on Dadat....but anyway, thank you for highlighting my day. i much appreciate that. and jess, for the imood =)

-- Christine "Car" (crgamache@yahoo.com), January 25, 2001.

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