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There once was a farmer, He noticed one of his bulls was having problems walking through the pasture. The bull would stumble and fall and zig and zag, then fall again. The farmer rushes out to check his bull. He notices that the bulls eyes are crossed. The farmer has never seen anything like it, so he calls the vet.

When the vet arrives the bull is still stumbling, and ziging and zaging. "Wow" says the Vet, "I haven't seen one of these for a long time". " Have you got a short piece of garden hose"? he asked the farmer. "Yea, here ya go" the farmer says.

"Ok, now I want you to hold this bull by his horns and let me know when his eyes straighten out" the vet says. He then takes the hose and inserts it into the bulls ass and starts blowing in the other end. "Hold it", hollars the farmer,"They're straight. "There you go", says the vet ,"That'll be 90. dollars". the vet wasn't even there for ten minutes.

About six months go by and the farmer notices his bull was stumbling all over the pasture again. "Hell fire", says the farmer, and runs off to fetch his hillbilly neighbor and his hose. The farmer figures he'll be able to save the 90 dollar vet bill this time.

"Grab hold of his horns and tell me when his eyes are lined up" hollars the farmer.The farmer inserts the hose in the bulls ass. The farmer blows and blows till he can't blow no more. His face is red and he can hardly stand up. "Hey hillbilly, you want to give it a try, I'm outa breath", the farmer says. So they switched ends. Imediately the hillbilly pulls the hose from the bulls ass and turns it around and reinserts it. "What are you doing that for"?,asked the farmer. "You don't expect me to put my mouth on the hose where your mouth was, do you?" says the hillbilly.

-- hillbilly (, January 23, 2001

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