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Are you tired of asking the HALIFAX (or their agents) for the documentation that you require to evaluate their alleged shortfall claim against you? i.e. Copies of Valuations, Invoices, Mortgage Conditions etc. Are they ignoring or refusing your requests? If so, then from the results of my experiences with the Halifax I believe that I may be able to help you. The Halifax *HAS* supplied me with all the documents that I have requested from them to date.

How can this help you? Well I am willing to swear an affidavit or appear in court at your request to testify to the following: Simply this, that I HAVE been supplied by the Halifax with all the documents that I have requested from them to date.

Obviously it will be up to you (or your solicitor) to contact the Halifax and ask them to explain why there is a discrepancy in their process when dealing with your request as opposed to mine.

Please Email me privately if you require.

-- Tony Hayter (, January 23, 2001


Tony Thank for the offer, should it get that far I may weel take you up on it. As mentioned in my earlier postings the Halifax have confirmed that they do not have a copy of the Mortgage Deed. Did they provide a copy of your to you? No Mortgage Deed + No Money Judgement = No Debt (as far as I am concerned) Thanks Tim

-- Tim Heath (, January 24, 2001.

Hi Tim,

I aleady had a copy of my original Mortgage Deed which basically described the ownership of the property. What I received from the Halifax is the "Mortgage Conditions" which are in very detailed "legalese" and amongst other things describe the conditions which apply under default. In my belief if you want to find out what they should have done in any respect then you should also request that document.


-- Tony Hayter (, January 24, 2001.

Thanks, this is a significant post. Why do some ex borrowers get to see documents, and some don't? Why is it that the older the repossessions, the more difficult it seems to be for ex borrowers to gain access to the proof and evidence which the lenders imply they have to support their claims? (ie, they say 'we rely on the terms of your mortage deed' but won't show it to you. Or they say, 'we obtained the best price' but won't show you legible valuation(s) or demonstrate how they advertised your house for sale.)

I think this relates to the kinds of concerns which the MP Mike Hancock has about lenders' behaviour and tactics. Please see my post above which begins 'Mike Hancock MP...' for further details.

-- Eleanor Scott (, January 28, 2001.

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