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First, I really don't know if a spoiler is needed for this type a wquestion or not so I put possible spoiler in the heading just in case. If someone could please tell if the word spoiler is needed in the subject line or not for this type of a question it would be great. Anyway, I heard that Laura Innes contract expires at the end of this season. Does any one know if she has renewed her contract or is she leaving at the end of this season?

-- Cammie (, January 23, 2001


Speculation has been made that Laura Innes has commented on wanting to leave at the end of this season; however, nothing has been finalized. I have heard nothing more on this subject since early summer, so one only assumes she will go through and renew it. More or less, it probably depends on whether TPTB are willing to throw in more prominent and interesting plots for Dr. Weaver, if Laura is ready to move on to other sides of show-biz, or if she is ready to just simply *move-on*. We will have to wait and see, I guess. We should know shortly, though. At least before Season 7 is over.

-- Abby (, January 23, 2001.

How ironic is this? I just read some big news reguarding Anthony Edwards and I come here and find something about another cast member and her possibly leaving.

-- Andie (, January 23, 2001.

Yeah, I know. That was SO not planned. I went to the Daily news over at Yahoo and read about that after posting this. Weird, huh?

-- Cammie (, January 23, 2001.

I follow Laura Innes career and I have never heard that she is considering leaving ER when her contract is up. There has been NO information from a reliable source that suggest Laura is considering leaving ER. I have a feeling that this is another case of some fan speculating that Laura wants to leave. Laura has mentioned numerous times how much she loves portraying Kerry Weaver. She has always come across as wanting to stay on ER for a long time. TPTB have mentioned in numerous articles that they are not having to write out any main character this season. That means Laurs MOst likely has renewed her contract and we have not heard the details.

-- Brenda (, January 23, 2001.

WOW. Never heard of this before, I too think that this either spevulation or 'wishfull thinking' by some non-fan of her's. If Mark, Carter, Peter AND kerry leave next year/this year, what weill this leave for a cast?? (I cannot see ER going further without Carter or Mark or Bento or all of them. They are just too important.)

-- Ritaann (, January 23, 2001.

I recently read a key article (if I am able to stumble across it once more, I will tell you all where it was), that Laura Innes was interested in possibly doing a lot more directing. This does not signify that she will leave "ER", it is just possibly a side-job. However, we have not been given any official comformations about her leaving, you are right about that. We have just heard speculations. I feel that as long as TPTB keep Dr. Weaver as a central focus in the storylines and such, we should see a continuing stay for Laura.

-- Abby (, January 23, 2001.

I have never heard anything about this. I figured she would be staying on.

SPOILER (and sort of OTS)

ER Daily News reported that Dr. Legaspi only had a 10 episode contract, which is up during Feb. sweeps, but that there will be some sort of cliffhanger between them...not really sure if that means she'll be back at a later time or what, but I highly doubt they're going to have Dr. Legaspi quit because of this, so will they just fade her out (have her conveniently not ever come down for consults anymore?) Maybe if Kerry does leave they'll run away together! j/k, I hope Kerry sticks around.

-- Elaine (, January 24, 2001.

I think the comments Elizabeth Mitchell made about her character that was made to watch with Wanda and that was reported at the ER daily fan website was refering to episode # 14 which airs on 2/15/01. That was the episode that was being filmed when EM made her comments. JLS has already given some spoilers for that episode that suggest things are not going well for Kerry/Legaspi. There is one more Feb sweeps episode aftwer that. I'm sure that ER would probably address Kim departure or the status(end) of the relationship in that episode. They may or may not spend too much time on it. They have in the past always at least let the audience know when two characters are breaking up. Sometimes , they have only spent a line or two on, other times they have set it up.

-- Brenda (, January 24, 2001.

Wow, they just sort of got into this relationship and the network is ending it anothre four epeisodes...I'm just wondeirng where this information came from, Wanda at E? was there a specific article about EM? As for Laura Innes, I have no idea, but if Anthony Edwards leaves the show before his contract expires, which he intimated in an article, the show will be losing yet another main cast member. Sad to say it, but the show may be getting to stale to contiue on for another s

-- BGT (, January 24, 2001.

WOW! i have never heard of laura leaving the show? and did someone say that Carter and Benton might be leaving too? or were you just kidding? either way it's sad that people start roumers like that! maybe they're fact but i too have only heard positive things from laura regaarding her charicter and the show! i would be shocked if she did leave! and as for the others leaving as well, that would probably be the end of the show right there! i can't see how it could survive with out all of those key people! please keep posting with more updates!

-- (, March 25, 2001.

I really hope Laura Innes is not leaving because i have followed her character for a long time and have grown quite fond of her over the previous series. I can sympathise with the characters relationship situation, and i hope that the characters private life will continue to be investigated. I think it is good that not only a typical relationship is dealt with in the drama. Don't leave Laura!

-- Rebecca Mclaughlin (, September 20, 2001.

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