Where can I get another Richard?

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Hello, Well, I am not expecting an answer really. Unless there is one then please GOD, let him be available. I had a dream about Richard last night. In it he was of the same quality of man he portrays in all his movies and for once in my life, it felt so good to have someone treat me like I mattered. It was so AWESOME, I hope I have it again and again. Well, you know the type personallities his characters represent, he must connect or he wouldnt take the roles. I would GIVE ANYTHING for a man like that. I am an attractive woman, but I keep getting into very abusive relationships. I think I have had enough now I just wish I could find someone like Richard, I know they are rare and probably all taken. But I pray someday I find one! Dont know how much more I can take! Thanx Richard for being the lead man in my dream, it really felt GREAT!!! I've always loved the MAN you are, hope you always get the love and happiness you deserve!! I know, I know, we all want one! Richard, can we clone you? I want the first one!K? If anyone has any information leading to the capture and enjoyment of a man like Richard, Please let me know!!! Love and Light, Angels1.

-- Angel (angel1@exis.net), January 23, 2001

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