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with Richy Cream's recent recording on SMB, it looks like we need to reach a ruling regarding leeching in this game.

For the few who aren't familiar with SMB, this is what happens - at the end of a level where a turtle can walk down the "steps", you can get in a perfect position to keep jumping on it and rack up big points, and 1-ups. This can be done until time runs out, where you can just do it again. And again. And again. There's really no limit to the amount of times you can do this, so this makes the score pretty much meaningless.

There's also a level where you can get a 1-up by kicking a turtle shell into many enemies in a row, die, then repeat... but this process is much slower. Nonetheless, it is another trick where big points can be racked up through little skill. (sorry, I don't know which level it is offhand, but I know one of you SMB guys can provide that answer)

At any rate, I propose that the first trick be banned from MARP and that any recording containing this glitch should be DQ'ed. The second "trick" is of course acceptable when done the first time, but a player that wipes himself out time after time to get a 1-up back and some free points should be DQ'ed.


-- BBH (, January 22, 2001


I agree BBH. I have watched the recording and Rich does the leech on the 6-2 level. Iīt s an old "leech-spot" to get points from in smb and itīs no skill in doing it.

I think the tech. should be banned. or do you want me to upload another recording of 100k more than this one? Well I donīt think I will do that. Either ban it or make a rule that says you are only allowed to do the leech until the timer runs out ONCE and on ONE men only. Like the gng games.

Please donīt take this personal Richy cream, cause I have done it myself in the arcades alot of time:) But I donīt think it should be allowed on MARP.

SMB is an easy game, but it will be a challenge or points if you try to finish it (every level without warps ,wich are of course allowed:) and trying to not lose any men.. and get those 100k bonuses in the end

just my two cents



-- QRS (, January 22, 2001.

If this is allowed then the Ghost'n'Goblins leech should also be allowed!!! (Its the same thing really!!)

Maybe allow the leech for 1 life only??

Whats think??


-- Game Guru (, January 22, 2001.

I think the best way is to add this leeching to banned technic , and transfer Richy Cream's input to the "tricks,easter eggs,bugs" section

-- phil (, January 22, 2001.

Sure, thats fine. I dont mind banning the technique. I have no problem submitting a new recording going through the entire game withouth warping once. As for what you said about the game being easy, i have to disagree. The game was simple on the NES but was greatly changed for the arcade. It is much much harder. The highest you can warp is world 6 for one thing, plus, many castles and worlds are entirly different. Lets see how long until someone beats it without leeching!

-- Richy Cream (, January 22, 2001.

BBH, not to. BTW BBH what kind of game is "guwange", I have AMDK62- 550, enough power?

Second trick good only once.

Steps trick, If you get/take more than one extra man, it's definitely leeching. What if you take only one extra man + extra points once, is that leeching? It will spoil your game if you try to go for first extra man, but overdo it. It's very hard to stop jumping exactly when you want(at the point you've gotten the first extra). So I say not any extra men at that point. If someone gets few bonus points there with one jump-series,ok, but not many times. You know yourselves what is leeching what's not. It's allready at tricks page, under pc_smb, I tricked the turtle at 3- 1.

Maybe I should DL 37b11 too

-- Tommi (, January 23, 2001.

you cant leech a turtle on 3-1 in the Vs SMB. You can only do that on the NES home system.

-- Richy Cream (, January 23, 2001.

Forgive me, 15 years is a long time.

-- TJT (, January 23, 2001.

Ok, then I guess it's somewhat unanimous - no turtle leeching in SMB. Good job going through Vs. SMB without warping or leech tricks, Richy!

Oh, and to Tommi: Guwange is a Cave game - meaning it's an incredibly insane vertical shooter. The sheer amount of bullets that are put on the screen are downright ridiculous, but that's offset by the deceiving small hit detection box on the player. They're very impressive games to watch. It should run ok on a 550mhz, might need fskp 1 or 2 in instances where things get hectic (which is often), but maybe not.


-- BBH (, January 24, 2001.

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