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I heard that richard gere is filming a new movie.Parts of it are suposed to be filmed in pa,and parts are being filmed in west virginia.I need to know if anyone knows where he is going to be and when?I just have to see if there is a chance that i could meet him! Thanks,Patty

-- Patricia A Hoyle (, January 21, 2001


try pittsburg - now until april

-- glenn (, February 08, 2001.


-- no (, February 08, 2001.

he is in Kittanning March 1st for sure for filming. I just got to see him about 2 hours ago !!!!(Yes, I am thrilled :) Good Luck!! Oh..and cross your fingers for me that I get the call to be an extra..they are taking names.If you are in the area and could work ..the dates they are calling for are March 9&10 for eveing work.I can get you the number if you are interested. Jean

-- Jean C (, February 28, 2001.

today is march 2, 2001 and i seen richard gere in kittanning at about 3;30pm at #1 fire hall. He got out of his black cadillac and went inside. his co-star, Laura Linney, went in about 5 minutes before him,,,, he is a winner!!!!

-- Lily Green (, March 02, 2001.

I just got home from Kittanning 3/4/01 Iam from the area, I ate lunch accross from where they are filming for the mothman I left and went back 2hours later. My mom &I waited an hour to see him we did they pulled out and he put down his window and waived to everyone!!!

-- shelly (, March 04, 2001.

Richard is filming The Mothman in Kittanning, PA....the town where I work...I have yet to see him in person....our town will never be the same!!!!! Our bridge will be closed from March 12th until April something or other. I can hardly wait to see the movie!!!!! By the way, my co-worker got his autograph and scads of pictures taken of him. Can't wait to see those pics! Take care.

-- Patty Heffelfinger (, March 09, 2001.

A bunch of us went to Kittanning to see Richard Gere.......We seen him getting into his black cadillac from his trailer. He is breathtaking. He also drove past and waved. Everyone that I've talked to says his personality is fantastic! I would like to know personally. He is supposed to be in Kittaning for about 5 more weeks.

-- (, March 14, 2001.

Hi, Could you tell me where does he lives??? Please email me Thank you johnny

-- johnny moraes (, May 01, 2001.

Those loyal and connected to Gere, wouldn't just give out his personal address & telephone information. I have read and heard that he has multiple homes. I have also read and heard that, lately he's been buying and seling homes/property.

-- cappuccino (, February 28, 2002.

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