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Can anyone help me? I want to install a pitcher pump when we build my new kitchen. Is there a way to hook a pump up so i can use it with or with out power. Has anyone done this? I would love to hear your thought's and suggestions.

-- Shau Marie (shau@centurytel.net), January 21, 2001


The type you need will depend on the distance to water. Read the descriptions in the Lehman's catalog. Also check out the water category in the archives.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), January 21, 2001.

Good suggestion, Ken. Shau Marie, it is physically impossible to "suck" water out of a well. A pitcher pump works by creating a partial vacuum. The atmospheric pressure of about 14.7 psi pushes the water up into the pump. 14.7 psi will lift a column of water about 34 feet. However, due to water's tendency to vaporize when it is at very low pressure, for all practical purposes, a pitcher pump will only "lift" water from fifteen or twenty feet, depending on various factors.

On the other hand, a "ranch pump", and various other types, PUSH the water up to you, since they have a piston down under water. There is virtually no limit to how high they can PUSH water.


-- jumpoffjoe (jumpoff@echoweb.net), January 22, 2001.

Thanks jumpoffjoe for the ranch pump idea, i am looking into it. Ken my well is 25' deep. I am fortunate and have good water. I read the archives until i was blind and found some help, but i am going over my Countryside back issues right now. Thank you both for your advise it is very appreciated.

-- Shau Marie (shau@centurytel.net), January 22, 2001.

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