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We are having a well dug pretty soon on our land and are meeting Wednesday with the well company guy. He is going to witch the land and I know NOTHING about this. This is a reputable company and I really would like the best well at a reasonable depth possible. I am very nervous.

What do you know about water witching? Is it scientific or is it some mystical thing? What questions should I be asking this fellow about wells in general? I don't want to be screwed, but frankly I am uninformed and don't really know what I need to know.

Please, if you have any advice for a newbee, ramble on.......I need it.

-- andrea smith (a-smith@mindspring.com), January 20, 2001


I don't think it's scientific, but my Mom can water witch. I understand either you can or you can't. You hold a v-shaped willow branch(has to be willow), palms and forearms up. When you walk over water, the branch will bend from pointing upward to forcefully down. Mom couldn't keep it from going down when she walks over water. First well they dug, the well man insisted on it being in the "scientific " place. She knew where the water was, and after he failed, they put it where she said, and got the well. I don't know it there is any way to tell how much or how deep, and this is just family lore, but I have seen Mom do it. Good luck!

-- mary, texas (marylgarcia@aol.com), January 21, 2001.

My brother and I do it with metel coat hangers. Cut them into the shape of an L hold the short part in each hand with the lonr part pointing in front of you when we cross water the wires cross. I have never whiched a well but I can find water and sewer lines

-- grant (organicgrange@yahoo.com), January 21, 2001.

I, too, have used a hanger, and I gotta tell ya, it sure was weird the first time I did it. Couldn't stop the wire from shaking and pointing down. Like being in the Twilight Zone! -LOL-

-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), January 21, 2001.

There should be another thread about this in the archives. Whether you accredit water witching or not, it would not be a bad idea to ask them what kind of a guarantee they offer, and get another guarantee offer from any 'conventional' well drilling outfit in the area and compare the two. That should be a start to making an informed decision.

-- Julie Froelich (firefly1@nnex.net), January 21, 2001.

I can't do it, but have seen it done. Green fork bent down so severly one of the tines broke. Good witchers can tell you how much and how deep.

Try this. Have them witch up a spot. Then have them put on a blindfold and do it again.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), January 21, 2001.

I've never had a well drilling company give a guarantee that they'll find water. They usually charge X number of dollars for set up and for drilling X number of feet. Then you pay for the extra feet. The well will be drilled as deep as you want to pay. They can't tell if they're going to hit water or a cave. Witching is not scientific and I've seen some shows on it where the witchers failed during testing. However, there are people who swear by it and I imagine that the driller is doing whatever he can to better his chances of finding water for you. I would imagine that you could check around for setup and drilling fees but I seriously doubt that you'll find anyone who'll give you a guarantee that they'll find water. There's usually water there, it's just how deep can you afford to go. That's been my experience with two wells. I got lucky and they found water both times. Of course, it was at about 250 feet. Don't fault them if they don't give a guarantee. I wouldn't if I were in their place. Hope this helps.


-- JackD (jdenterprises@centurytel.net), January 21, 2001.

A well driller that has drilled in your area over a long period of time can give you a real good idea what you can expect to find and how much.Not a garantee, just a really informed guess.

I've had two wells drilled in to diff. states by two diff. experienced drillers,and both times it came out to what they expected they'd find, based on previous experience in the area.

The secord one was 265 feet, low flow and some sediment,what he told us to expect.Not hocus pocus,just amateur geologists.They learn they lay of the land they've worked.He knew bc his farm is on the other side of the same cliffs, and he had drilled a well for himself.

So yeah an experienced driller can give you a really good idea what to expect,and the witching is just an added benefit. I personally believe some people can witch.Just another of the unsolved mysteries of life.

Neither witched,tho.Not to discredit the mysticism of it.

-- sharon wt (wildflower@ekyol.com), January 21, 2001.

Yeah, they do not guarantee anything. We really would like to hit water 400 feet or better, but we can go out to 500 or 600 feet. We really can't afford to go deeper. Apparently there is a good supply of water and the wells around us have been anywhere from 150 to 600 feet, so I think we will be fine, but around 200 would be really great.

They have been in the area for 20+ years, so they should know the land and what to look for. I suppose the witching is just an added help.

I can't believe how uptight I am about this. The day they drill I am going to be a wreck.

-- andrea smith (a-smith@mindspring.com), January 21, 2001.

Hello Andrea: I cannot believe this practice continues to flourish in our modern educated society. Surely you don't believe in psychics, crystal balls, tarot cards, or ouiga boards. Why would you allow yourself to be taken in by this sham?

Take a look at this site now!!! http://www.randi.org/research/challenge/dowsing.html

-- Jim (catchthesun@yahoo.com), January 21, 2001.

Some friends in Michigan insisted we get old neighbor of theirs to witch our well (when I lived in Michigan). He used peach branch. Had me try it. Peach branch didnt work very good for me, but bent coat hangers did. Really odd to feel the pull. My own personal belief is that any pull is from static electric generated by moving water. I think it works fine for shallow wells, but very dubious anybody would feel moving water below 50 feet unless it was an underground river.

By way the old man with the peach branch said he bought his bit of land because of the artesian well he found on it. He had me try peach branch at his well site, and even I could feel very, very strong pull. His well was only 10 ft deep.

Have read of another guy who designed an electronic do-hicky that senses this static electric and he can judge from these more specific readings. This might work for deeper wells. I'd still say anything below 50 foot, I'd depend more on geology than a stick.

-- Hermit John (hermit@hilltop_homestead.zzn.com), January 21, 2001.

Can't explain witchin', but do know a local company that uses a witch along with their equipment to find water. Cost of a witch is usually low , so go for it. They have good results usually. I just chalk it up to "magic", someday we may understand the fine mechanics of it.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), January 21, 2001.

My Dad had a well witched in Delaware by the Amish and he was right about the depth..the water was there. I have heard of some using a peach branch also.

-- Lynn(MO) (mscratch@semo.net), January 21, 2001.

I witched my own,bent coathangers, they crossed everytime I crossed this spot, water at 204 feet. Science or magic, don't care it made me feel better. My well man said he did't believe in it but it was my money and he would drill wherever I wanted. I did get his opionion on location and he could see no reason to try my spot. Dad says it works but he also says that if you drill far enough you can get water anywhere.

-- Tom (Calfarm@msn.com), January 22, 2001.

I used to live close to a big meat works, water was a real problem for them and they had canals running for many miles to bring it in. Then they tried to drill. The rig was started and bets laid on when they would hit water. The water diviner was there encouraging them each day. Drilling got real hard and she urged them on. They hit water all right, the drill came up in the bathroom of a workers house!

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), January 22, 2001.

My husband witches using copper wire. Mostly, he finds water lines for people who are moving fence, building, etc.

-- Barbara Fischer (bfischer42@hotmail.com), January 22, 2001.

Andrea, I was a nervous wreck the day they drilled my well! And I had a little money at the time! Still, it was worse than betting our life savings at the tables in Vegas. I think it's normal to be nervous. I think I'm normal. I wasn't that day though! Good luck.


-- JackD (jdenterprises@centurytel.net), January 22, 2001.

I really did not think that any professional well driller would give you a guarantee...which is the point I was making that they're just making guesses.

My aunt in New Hampshire bought an old farm (I think their house is over nearly 200 years old now) with a wretched well, brackish, rusty water, no pressure, the whole deal. They hired a well driller who drilled in two different locations (thru granite, which is all over there) and got no water. Finally her husband suggested a dowser. His father had been a dowser, so he knew it was real, however, she kicked up a fuss over 'wasting' the money, but he persisted. When the dowser arrived, he walked the whole property and didn't get anything until alongside the front door. My aunt again fussed that she wasn't going to have an ugly well and pump alongside her front door! The dowser shrugged and said "that's where the water is. It's up to you if you want it or not". Took his money and left.

They had a choice of trying again, or doing without water. They drilled where the dowser said. They got sweet, clean water with a good strong flow. Not anecdotal, this is what she told me about their well and she's not a skeptic anymore.

-- Julie Froelich (firefly1@nnex.net), January 23, 2001.

I have experienced both and the water witcher was by far the better well driller. Our first well was done by a company that was supposedly scientific. That well was bad from the beginning. (Chosen by the seller of the property as part of the deal on the property). We ended up almost in court and finally got another well out of the whole fiasco after almost 2 years. Our second well was done by a well driller that witched. My husband said he used a forked branch. (I wasn't home). This well now 3 years old has been very reliable, (tho the water is rusty). I think the witching has some scientific basis, don"t all things in nature? The best bet is going on the advice of other people. You know that if someone has had a raw deal they will not reccomend the same driller to someone else.

-- cindy palmer (jandcpalmer@sierratel.com), January 23, 2001.

I think a lot of people are turned off by the word,witch.Its not something super natural.I've tryed it and it WORKS..Doris,soon to be back in Idaho

-- Doris Richards (dorisquilts@webtv.net), January 24, 2001.

I am a realtor here in Alaska...had two experiences with "water witching" Both cases resulted in dry holes to the tune of $3,000 and $7,000 respectively.

In the first case the owner had a "water witcher" come up and emphatically declare water was at a certain depth and location. They drilled a dry hole. Then he hired a hydrologist who said it looked likely water was in another location and they drilled another dry hole. He currently pipes his water from a spring just over his property line.

I have seen people "witch" sewer and water lines and personally believe it is psychosymatic.

You are much better off hiring a very experienced well driller. If it were me I would talk to several well drillers to get a general feel of the area.

-- marty van diest (martyv@alaska.net), January 26, 2001.

I have no idea how this works, but I believe it does! On the other hand, some folks don't believe Old Uncle Brad's chowder until they try it either! I guess, if it works, it's real! I know the chowder is! GOOD LUCK from the Maineiac!

-- Brad (homefixer@SacoRiver.net), January 27, 2001.

I use bend metal rods to detect groundwater seep zones for planting in my garden, and locate survey pins, water lines, etc. It takes real experience to interpret the pull. Is it seasonal shallow seepage water running on hardpan, or is the pull uniform to depth before stopping suddenly. You have to use topo info, geology knowledge, historical well drill records for the area, map the vegetation in your mind, know the signs of nature, and after an encyclopedia of information gathered, take your best shot. I have studied my 25 acres for 3 years now, and changed my mind 3 times, before I'll bet the farm on the drill results. Good luck and don't worry, its only money.

-- Lloyd Stock (lstock@lillonet.org), July 26, 2001.

The concept of waterwitching seems ridiculous in today's scientific mindset toward all physical things. But it works. Waterwitching cannot be explained by natural science. It falls into the realm of the spiritual world. Now, people consult the spirit world for many reasons. Sometimes they dont even realise they are consulting the spirit world. But sometimes practices of divination are passed down from generation to generation, and the knowledge of HOW to do divination is preserved, while the reasons for it working is banished knowledge. But the reasons are still at work.

My parents came from the Amish. Among the Amish are many many divination practices. Such as circling a colicy baby around a table leg a certain direction while saying certain words in another language. It works, but they dont realise they are using satanic rituals, repeating blasphemy in other languages. Once, an amish farrier was widely known for his ability to shoe any horse, no matter how mean. They became instantly calm when he touched them. One day, the reason for his success became known to him. A customer from out of state, non-amish overheard him repeating something in a language which the customer knew, but the amish man evidently did not know. The customer asked the amish, "What are you saying?" The amish man said, "I dont know, I was just told to say this years ago at the beginning of every shoeing, to calm a horse, I dont know what it means." The customer informed him that he was repeating the words, "Satan, if you help me shoe this horse, I give you my soul." He stopped using those words, and he was never so successful with wild horses again.

The spirit world is very real, and is powerful. The Bible forbids divination for a reason. (Deut 18:9-14) I know a man personally who used to do waterwitching, and his home was plagued with violence. He simply could not live in peace with his wife. One day, a minister asked him if he still had his instruments of divination, with which he did waterwitching. He did. He was told to throw them away. As he drove over a bridge, he attempted to pitch them out. They unexplainably bounced back into the truck. A profound sense of an evil presence surrounded him. He got out of the truck, and verbally rebuked satan, and renounced the witchcraft he had done. He threw the waterwitching rods into the river, and from that day on, his home was peaceful. There was definately a connection.

You see, when we use satan's power to gain information, we are opening a door to him. We give him permission to enter our lives, and have influence he couldnt have had otherwise. DO NOT open that door. And if you ever have, seek cleansing and freedom through the blood of Jesus.

-- daffodyllady (daffodyllady@yahoo.com), July 26, 2001.

daffodyllady, When I did the study on "dowsing" (water witching), I was devastated. The Godly, wonderful people I know who can witch a well!

But, I ran the Scriptures, - did the study. Of course, the clue is in the name "divining rod".

You, (and, now, I'll) probably get majorly flamed, but you are responsible for what you know.

Fact is, - it has been proven over and over by the scientific community that it has nothing to do with earth's magnetism, or electrical fields or static anything. It has been proven. A person can be suspended from a helicopter (eliminating any contact with earth) and, if he can witch, - he can still witch.

Cause, it's a power. Some have it, some don't. Some can gain it, some can't .

Doesn't mean that wonderful, Godly people can't do it. Cause, they can.

With a husband and a son, who both witch, it brings me no pleasure to acknowledge that it is not a scientific phenomenon.

It is not called "witching" for no reason. And, it is not called a "diving rod" for no reason. I never was someone who looked for "a demon under every doily", but I can read, and I've got a brain, and I've got a Bible. And, now I am responsible for what I know.

Water witchers are not Satan worshiping heathens. They are fine people who have an ability that is real. You would never - ever - convince most of them that the ability they have is of a spiritual nature.

When Godly people who can witch, are told about the spiritual nature of the practice, - they usually come unhinged and kill the messenger. Let's pray that the good people on this forum are an exception.

daffodyllady - I respect you for speaking the truth. I have had different opportunities on this forum when this subject came up and did not have the courage.


-- homestead2 (homestead@localnetplus.com), July 26, 2001.

Thank you, homestead2. I have been born again, and am thoroughly in love with Jesus. But I KNOW that if I would take a peach branch in my hands to waterwitch, It would work! I just know this deep in my spirit that it would work for me. I have always been spiritually super-sensitive and in touch with that dimension. But I know that it would open me to demonic oppression and would greive the Holy Spirit terribly.

-- daffodyllady (daffodyllady@yahoo.com), July 26, 2001.

Wow, an interesting and courtious, exchange of spirtual oppinon. I also am born from above,(of the spirt of God) and saved from a life of satanisim, more than 16 years ago, And so to keep on topic, all spirtual laws work, but there is an order to them, water divination or any other, does work for many people, oddly enough not so much for christains as christians are comanded to ask God directly for their needs. But, non-christains can and do gain much from supernatural sources as well, Water "witching" may not work if a christain is present, it can depend on the spritual source of the gift I can control many animals etc, in the authority of Jesus, I know from experience that the things that science can not explain are just as real, as the things that have been explained. They are just of a different rule of order.

-- Thumper (slrldr@aol.com), July 26, 2001.

What an odd turn this discussion took. FWIW, best dowser I ever met was a Baptist minister. Anyway, at the annual dowsers' convention in New Hampshire a few years back, a group of engineering students and their professors set out to prove dowsing was a fraud. They set up a solid wooden platform, then placed buckets filled with water at various spots under it and challenged dowsers to find them. Those engineers are still shaking their heads over the results -- the dowsers succeeded just about every time.

Personally I don't find anything supernatural about it at all. Many people -- and animals, for that matter -- are sensitive to disturbances that can't be felt by the five senses. Blaming it on Satan might be convenient for those who have a knee-jerk reaction to the word witch, but hardly explains it.

-- Cash (Cash@andcarry.com), July 26, 2001.

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