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There is a company out of scotland who is calling people and may be lying about their identity; does anyone know

1. who they are 2. has anyone heard of Westcott? if so whats their purpose 3. i am sure that there are legal limits on the practise of debt collection, eg lying about their identity; harrasing persons by phone or in-person.

-- Sacha Kennedy (, January 20, 2001


Westcot are the people-tracing and debt collection arm of credit reference agency Equifax.

There is material about them in the Repossession section, specifically in the Lenders' Shortfall Letters section (it's the first set of letters) at:

There is also a mention of them in the lender's log for that shortfall chase at: It's in the diary entry dated 10 October 1997.

Various parts of the site, including the Debt Collection and much of the Repossession section deal with some of the tactics lenders' use.

You might want to help other people by giving more information about what has happened to you. There are many people who read this forum who have been told odd things by different companies.


-- Lee (, January 22, 2001.

Not sure, but I think the firm you refer to are bust!

Something in last weeks Sunday Mail, sorry, lit the fire with it.

Should give the Mail a call if I were you or go to the Library.

Good luck


-- Bryan Turner (, January 26, 2001.

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