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Someone lent me a 202 recently and i'm trying to see if i can get 202 Hack to work. I cant seem to find a proper manual for it so i'm a little confused about getting the 'import sequence from tape' function to work so i can load from my Mac. i think im supposed to be in PLAY mode, then i press SHIFT and the black LOAD button so the sequencer display says L and then what? Any other tips and/or links to online help with 202 operations would be awesome. Mostly though i just really want to get 202 Hack to work.

thanks for your time and well-done!


-- john son (, January 19, 2001


Re: importing .wavs into 202

Don't have the 202 or the manual in front of me, but if my memory serves me right, press SHIFT and LOAD, and while holding them, press ENTER. Give that a shot!

-- Dan Nigrin (, January 19, 2001.

Re: ick! I tried that!

You should start playing the .wav file *before* you press the buttons - there's a leader tone that the 202 needs to hear when it starts the process.

Yes, mono 1/8" plug into LOAD/IN.

Use the sample "maryhad.wav" file as a test . If it's still not working, then you have to mess with the level of the signal that's going to the 202 - it's either too loud or too soft.

HTH! Dan

-- Dan Nigrin (, January 20, 2001.

ick! i tried that!

yes, shift+load, then enter, and it goes beep, but when do you play the .wav file? and how do you know if it's been received? and do i plug a 1/8" mono jack into the 202 'LOAD/IN' jack? i can save to tape fine, just not load back in. thanks for replying so fast as this issue is killing me! i even tried reading the 202 manual in chinese as that's all i could find online. i must be missing something... -john

-- john son (, January 19, 2001.

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