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First, I have a real question. Abby found out that her tuition hadn't been paid and she would have to wait three more months before she could continue on with Med School. Well, three months is up. Do the writers plan to make her a doctor again? I assumed that that was their way of making her a nurse again so she could take Carol's place. Can anyone else veify anything? Now, I just want to say that as bad as violence is, I thought the whole riot thing was hilarious the second time I saw it and I absolutely loved when Kerry was whacking that football player with her crutch. I also thought it was so funny when poor Malucci got smacked in the head with the helmet. And all over a football game. It's not exactly unrealistic though. Some crazy people go to high school.

-- Mallory (, January 19, 2001


Yeah, three months is up and the Winter semester (or quarter) already started. However, in "Mars Attack" Abby said it would take her two more years to go back to med school, because aparently she needs to get the money first, or something to that effect. So yeah, she'll be a nurse for at least two more years.

-- Carolina (, January 19, 2001.

Hate to sy it but by the time Abby gets the money, ER would have been finished! (and i have decided to stay off spoilers for season 8.)

-- er_aussie (, January 20, 2001.

As a transplanted Pixburgher, I was happy an' 'at to hear her call her ex a 'jagoff.'

:) Jenna

-- Jenna (, January 20, 2001.

After being told by Kerry that she had to wait until the next quarter, Abby told (or maybe more like screamed) Richard (her ex) in Homecoming that she had to wait for another three months before she could resume her studies. However, there are two things which could have happened.

1) She also said that she couldn't make up the three months, which would mean that she lost an entire year of her residency. That is, she would graduate in the fall, but wouldn't be able to start a residency program until the following July. So maybe she has decided to wait until the new academic year until going back to med school. This is what I'm hoping will happen.

2) Richard said (I think) that he wasn't paying her tuition, so maybe that's exactly what happened - no money, no med school. She did mention that she would hire a lawyer, and I'd love to know what happened with that.

The only references to Abby having been a med student have been in 'Sand and Water' (Carter questioned her nurses' scrubs, and we got the explanation), and 'Mars Attacks' (Luka had her put in the chest tube), and I would really, really like to know what happened with that.

What I would say is that TBTP have suddenly gone, 'Oh my God, we have no nurses as main characters.' Well, duh! Carol has been the ONLY nurse who was a main character. Anyway, I think, once we get another main character (hey, don't look at ME, they seem to have a thing for doing this) who is a nurse, maybe at the beginning of season 8, Abby will go back to medical school. I will say this though - ER, as we all know, don't change the credits very often. The shot of Anthony Edwards in them shows him scooting backwards, and it's a shot from the pilot, when Benton remarked on (about Carter), 'That's the only tailored white coat I've ever seen'. Maura Tierney spent last season in a lab coat, and is now in nurses' scrubs. If she was only going to be a nurse for a few epi's, believe me, they wouldn't have changed the credits (unless, of course, they did it to accomodate her new hairdo).

-- Elizabeth Routledge (, January 21, 2001.

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