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I was over on Temple Avenue this week on Hwy 27 Alt heading towards Carrollton and on the stretch of the C-Line just outside of Newnan going toward Plant Yates, it appears that NS is beginning a Tie Replacement project. This I consider a good thing as it appears NS plans to use this line for a good many more years. Nothing though on the line East of Senoia has surfaced. If I notice anything, I will let everyone know here.

Jonathan Vanover

-- Jonathan Vanover (, January 19, 2001


I was driving towards Griffin on Saturday and noticed that the Grade Crossing at Rio has been paved over and the Cross-Bucks have been removed. This is a sign that the C-Line East of Senoia may never be re-built. I haven't been back over to Brooks yet. I'm curious to know if the Brooks Grade-Crossing has also been paved over?

Jon "In all of your getting, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

-- Jon Vanover (, July 29, 2002.

Well...this is an old topic, but I'll contribute what I've observed.

Evidently ties have been replaced all the way to Senioa...however, there are several trees overgrowing the line east of the main grade crossing in Senoia, and the crossing with CSX has been torn up. I have been told the ROW still exists between Senioa and Griffin, and a few of the grade crossings (such as the one in Brooks, Ga) still exist, although it would certainly be difficult for any train to pass over them, since the rails are cut at Senoia, and a few miles outside of Griffin.

I highly doubt this line will ever be reopened unless it is sold off to a short line, or someone higher up in NS decides to start trying to stir some more buisiness on the "S" line in Griffin, making moves feasible between Griffin and Newnan again.

-- Bart Youngblood (, March 30, 2002.

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