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When Southern first began using the single green scheme on F3s in 1949-1950, were the B units lettered? I know the A unit lettering was positioned betwen the first and second porthole with the number in line just behind the cab door. Photographs show no lettering on the B units, though.(Reference- Webb's Southern Rwy Illustrated) Has anyone used an Intermountain HO F-7A kit for F-3 conversions? I am considering for F-3 rebuild with roof tanks.

-- Larry K. Neal, Jr. (lkneal@ncsl.dcr.state.nc.us), January 19, 2001


Larry--After studying a bunch of photos I am convinced that Southern B-units received raodnames after the change to green paint in 1949. However, the photo on p. 115 of the web book suggests toherwise. The F3a pictured definitely has received the new green paint as evdeinced by the location of the unit number behind the door. The F3b unit appears to be the same colro as the a-unit especially when compared to the black NW2 behind it. Maybe the first few b-units did not get roadnames when repainted then the railroad decided to add them--they tended to do things like that. THe best option to model a F3 is the new Highliner kits. I am currently doing one with the torpedo tubes and another without them. THese are much nicer kits than the Intermountians--Larry

-- Larry (ljpuckett@starpower.net), August 07, 2001.

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