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This has become very important to me which is why I am asking this as a seperate question now. Can anyone remember seeing a case on this site (I am sure it was on this site) where the judge ruled that because the borrower had supplied a forwarding address and the BS claimed that the Branch had not passed it along that the borrower could not be held liable for the breakdown of communication within the BS. I am not sure if it was in an old thread on this Q&A forum or not. If anyone knows where it is please let me know.

-- Tim Heath (, January 18, 2001


Is this the one?

-- Matt (, January 18, 2001.

No this is not the one Matt. The one that I am think of was definately a case report or synopsis that refered to a decision maded in the High Court (Cahncery Division). I know that I wouod have got to it from here, but can't rememebr how. If anyone can help I would be most appreciative. Thanks Tim

-- Tim Heath (, January 20, 2001.


I don't know the case law, but I am trying to find out for you. Meanwhile, have you tried the various legal databases? (UK Law, casebase, etc). Most of them have links to this site (eg casebase in linked in the "Repossession - your legal rights" section), so that's how you could have come across it.

To be honest, in the scenario you are describing I would have thought that the Data Protection Commissioner would have a legitimate interest. A lender ought to use basic cross-checking between systems to ensure that its processing of data is correct. If you could get yourself an Assessment on these grounds in your favour, you would have made your point. A DPC's Assessment costs you nothing; and you also alert the DPC to these problems and so help others.

all best

-- Eleanor Scott (, January 21, 2001.

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