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Today it was announced that International Paper in Washington Georgia was closing itís doors. Will this have a major impact on the Georgia Woodlands RR and their operations on the former Georgia RR branch line? Was this a big shipper with them and if so are they going to be able to survive on what is left? I have only been over to check this line out one time about a year ago but they seemed like a good outfit. I would hate to see GWRR pull out and the line wither away.

-- Warren D. Stephens (, January 16, 2001


The Georgia Woodlands RR is owned by Omnitrax of Denver, a shortline outfit. According to the Co's website, customers on the line besides IP include Huntsman Packaging, Burt Lumber, Paper-pak, and the Wash.- Wilkes Ind. Park. Yes, it would be very distressing to see operations cease and this old trackage pulled up. Especially since trains have been running along this route for almost 150 years!. The route between Washington and Barnett was completed in 1853, according to Bob Hanson's 'History Of The Georgia Railroad'.

-- Greg Hodges (, January 17, 2001.

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