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Hi-my name is Karl Frost,I live In Truxton N.Y. I want to know what you people,who have raised Dorking chickens think of them. How have they worked out for you? Are they a good all-round bird.Do they make good setters and mothers? Let me know,as I'm thinking of getting some of them this spring. Thanks! Karl Frost Frostym@

-- Karl Frost (Frostym, January 16, 2001


I haven't raised Dorkings myself but if it's setters you want try Silkies. They will set any anything and nothing. Good mamas too. Good luck Cindy

-- Cindy Palmer (, January 16, 2001.

I have a rooster and hen. They are excellent birds. They are kind and follow you around, letting you hold them and pet them. They are good mothers and great sitters. Try them out. Write back if you have any questions

-- Adam Kippling (, April 09, 2001.

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