Otis VIP260.again......door time problems....

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ON the same job as the previous question, I have had a problem with the doors staying open too long before closing. I was told to check NT relay, and the anti-residual copper plate. The plate was slightly dented, and I cleaned the armature core. That seemed to bring the open time back to normal, but the hotel want the open time even quicker, which I can understand. How can I do this?

-- Justin Ward (Transistive@planetaccess.com), January 16, 2001


you can also reduce the micro farrad rating by disconnecting one of the capacitors in the NT circuit (RC network) or replacing it with a lower micro farrad capacitor, but remember to use the same voltage rating.

-- keith (keift123@home.com), January 16, 2001.

door problems

I agree with Bill and Keith on their solutions to your problem, just make sure you mark your resistor move because I will bet my last dollar that the management will complain tomorrow that your doors are too fast. If I have learned anything in this business in the last 20+ years it is that you can NEVER make everybody happy with door timing. Even though I usually keep to industry standards of car, hall and lobby timing. The Yuppy says it's too slow and the old timer says he got squashed by the door. It's a no-win situation sometimes. Make sure you know where your starting points are so you can easily get back to square one. Where I've found you will usually end back to anyway. Good luck.

-- bobby (eleman1@aol.com), January 17, 2001.


NT is the door timing, however on a vip 260 there is a bit more to it i.e. :-ML timing, car or landing. What you may altering is the base timing settings. So be caredful......

-- otis (bedspring@aol.com), October 06, 2001.

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