Original iMac 233 shut down/start up problems

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HELP! I've got an original iMac 233 with 32 megs of RAM and I'm having trouble shutting down and starting up. The scenario is like this: If I were to shut down the iMac right now, it appears to shut down and disconnect from the web as usual, but the ON button on the front panel will keep glowing green and stay on. What I notice is that there is still power going to the machine. I have to disconnect the power cord otherwise to get the light to go off on the button. There's also a "slight sizzling" sound coming from inside the iMac, which when I pull the cord, it will stop. If I don't pull the power, the iMac will not start up properly, but instead will appear to start up with the screen never coming on. In other words, the iMac appears to be booted up, but the screen is black. Is this a hardware or software problem? I've already tried resetting the PRAM---twice, but that hasn't helped. The "sizzling sound" seem suspicious. Thanks to anyone who has a clue to fix it. Jack

-- jack colmenero (jackcolmenero@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001


Ouch, big problems. Read about this in a magazine once (MacHome). It is a hardware problem. It is a defect made into some models that were made at a certain time. This need to be taken to a service person and repaired.

-- matthew (cscavalry@excite.com), July 04, 2001.

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