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I have a friend who's from Mississippi and she swears that MS is a good place to homestead...any one from that area?


-- Ted Hart (, January 15, 2001


Ted, I'm from Mississippi. Down on the Coast, near Biloxi. We are living in Germany right now due to a job transfer, but I sure miss home. Down where we're from used to be a good place to homestead until the casinos moved in and took over. The best place is more north where you can still find good undeveloped land for around $500 an acre. Of course, its so cheap because its in the middle of nowhere and a long ride to anywhere. That's how I like it though. Look up around Carthage, specifically Walnut Grove. You'd like that place. There's also some beautiful countryside in Lumberton and Carnes if you're needing to be a little closer to civilization and yet free to live like you want to. Only drawback about Mississippi is the heat. It sure is hot. The bugs are an issue with some people too but I just dealt with that. It made gardening a little harder when you had to figure in the loss due to bugs. The fact of the matter is, its a place you can live the way you want. Its worth looking in to. Marci

-- Marci Tomlinson (, January 17, 2001.

Ted, we use to live in North Biloxi on Hudson Khron Rd. We've been in Virginia for thirteen years now. MS. is nice but hot and along the coast real humid. Also hard to put up with the fire ants and snakes, they have big rattlers in Ms. You can enjoy life there but jobs don't pay much, for homesteading MS is great.

-- Bruce Burdge (, January 17, 2001.

yup, great place to homstead, the people are not that clique- ish,land's cheap,good rainfall, looong season. i'm 30 ish miles out from carthage. lumberton area seems to be larger farms ,second houses,horse folks -ish. independant minds are welcome, as long as it is not 'your way or the highway'.

-- bj pepper (, July 25, 2001.

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