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I just recently moved to Statesboro and joined the CGHRS. I've been looking for that Richard E Prince book on the C of G but with no luck. Does anyone know of a copy that I might purchase? If not, I would settle for the Central of Georgia Album (I can't remember the author)if I could find it. Please e-mail back if someone has one or if they think they know someone who does.

-- Brandon Housewright (, January 15, 2001


Off topic, sort of, but did Prince do a book on the Richmond, Fredricksburg and Potomac?

-- Andrew Durden (, December 10, 2003.

I just bought my copy of the Prince C of G book from the Advanced Book Exchange ( Got a good deal on mine, but typically you're going to pay $400 and up for it.

-- Andrew Durden (, December 09, 2003.

I just perchased "Central of Georgia Railway Album" by W.Forrest Beckum, Jr. & Albert M. Langley, Jr. for 60.00 from The lady I spoke with was very nice and also had several other "hard to find" books that I'd looked for for years. The price on each was very good. You can e-mail them at and they are in Talbott, Tn. You'll be amazed at what they have.

-- Donald Worthy (, December 08, 2003.

Central of Georgia Railway Album, by W Forrest Beckum, Jr. and Albert Langley, Jr., Soft cover published in 1986 and now out of print. Sometimes shows up at Railroad Shows and in the used book departments. ie (Ron's Books has ads in most RR magazines). Also is getting pricey

-- Bill Jones (, July 07, 2001.

The following inquiry was posted recently:


For those interested, one just came available on the E-bay auction site. Check out this link:

Or go to E-bay and check into "Central of Georgia" items. It's not cheap......has a reserve price of $140.00 and may go higher if bidding starts.

Bryan Smith

-- Bryan Smith (, March 11, 2001.

There is one at for $225.00. Click on used books the click on C.

-- Steve Riley (, February 28, 2001.

Brandon, I ran a search on Biblofind ( and although several of Mr Prince's now out of print RR books are listed (Southern, RF&P, Ga RR & WP Route) the CofG book is not. May want to check ebay or other book sites if you haven't already. I sometimes see Prince books at the larger railroadiana shows..Jax, Atlanta, and Gathiersburg. Usally $150 and up. Of course, The U of Indiana Press last year reissued Prince's ACL, and SAL books $39-$45, but not CofG. (yet) As for the 'Album' book, were you perhaps thinking of 'Georgia Railroad Album' by Forrest Beckum and Al Langley (1985) ? Best of luck.

-- Greg Hodges (, January 15, 2001.

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