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I am a model railroader that recently purchased a pair of what look to be c-425's in the scl/family lines colors. I normally would have researched prototype info prior to purchasing, but they were so beautifully I thought what the heck! They are numbered 01164 and 01165. (I thought they only used four numbers) I dont know what the creator of these had in mind, or if there is a prototype, but if anyone would have info or a place to research I would be very appreciative. Thanks....CB

-- CB Hilterman (, January 12, 2001


There were no Family Lines C425s. Neither SCL or L&N ever owned C425s. As to the road numbers, they are completely bogus, and are, in reality, caboose numbers. As to Alco Centurys, SCL owned C420s, C430, C628s and C630s, all sent to L&N in 1976. L&N rostered C420s, C628 and C630s before the SCL units arrived. None of SCL Century units got painted Family Lines, but a number of L&N one did, including a number for the former SCL C420s.

-- Warren Calloway (, March 23, 2001.

While I'm not sure of the correct model designations I do have a couple pictures collected off the internet that might help validate the Family Lines paint scheme on a few Alco engines, L&N 7516, a C truck unit, and L&N 951, a B truck high nose unit (both of which only use the exact number as listed). While I can't take credit for the pictures, I would be willing to pass them on . . .

-- roger smith (, January 14, 2001.

All of the alco c420 amd c628 units were off of the SCL system by 1977 and were sold to L&N... I have never seen a pic of an ALCO painted in family lines colors... I kinda doubt any were when they were in SCL, as for L&N, dunno, i have not seen any like i said. Thats not to say they didnt exist however.

-- troy nolen (, January 13, 2001.

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