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I have seen on this site various refernces to Money Order Judgements and a one year period in which the BS should obtain one. Where does this one year period come from. Is it a part of the Building Societies Act or some other legislation?

-- Tim Heath (, January 12, 2001


Tim, Sorry but I missed this one. The best person to answer this is Carol Riley at the National Association of Mortgage Victims on 01889 507394. When my saga began I spoke to her and she told me all about money orders and their requirement. Since that conversation I have left messages but she has not returned my call. The lot after me say they do not have one and do not need one so I used text from this site (go to site map and search under Carol Riley) to say that I was advised that they had to get one and that it was a requirement that if it was not sought at repossession they had to return to court within 1 year to get it. I have no idea what what law this is from but since that letter (16th Novemeber and a copy send recorded on 9th December with a covering letter saying that if nothing is heard within 10days this is their acknowledgement that the matter is closed etc) I have heard nothing.

I am aware of a case when the lender went back to court a while agfter and got the money order but do not know full details. I understand that Carol Riley has succesfully fought on this judgement and had over 200 'debts' written off.

I hope this is of some use and that you can get to speak to Carol. If you do please let us know the outcome.

-- Matt (, January 17, 2001.

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