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My questions concern the present day Savannah District Dillard Yard to Macon Junction. Is the portion of this line from Dillard Yard to Ardmore, GA a former C of G line or is it the old S&A line to Camak Junction? Also about eight years ago I took a New Georgia Railroad trip from Atlanta to Savannah and noticed an abandoned railroad line parrelling the present Norfolk Southern line on the way in to Savannah. Was the line I saw the C of G or S&A? My last question concerns the entire Savannah District. Does anyone know why traffic control or ABS signaling was not installed on this line? Was it ever considered by the C of G or does light traffic not justify it? Thankyou for any help. Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY

-- Justin Dzan (, January 12, 2001



Just by coincidence, I'm in Savannah this weekend for a train show. Althought I don't have my references with me, here's some information about the Savannah District mainline.

Sometime around 1962, the Central of Georgia and the Savannah & Atlanta (which was owned by the Central), consolidated their trackage into Savannah. The Savannah & Atlanta's mainline (which was east of the Central's) was used from Central Junction to Ardmore. A crossover track was built across Georgia Hwy 21 to connnect the S&A main to the Central's main near Oliver. Then the Central's main was used from Oliver to Millen and points west.

When the New Georgia train was north of Oliver, you were on the Central's old main and the S&A's main (part of which is still operated by a shortline) would be to the east. After crossing Ga Hwy 21 just south of Oliver, you would be on the S&A's main, and the Central's original main would be to the west.

The S&A's original mainline went from Savannah to Sylvania, then to Waynesboro where it crossed the Central's line that went from Millen north to Augusta. Then it went to Wrens and eventually to Camak where it interchanged with the Georgia Railroad for its connection to Atlanta. I believe that all the tracks are gone between Sylvania and Waynesboro.

Most of the Central's original mailine from Central Junction to Oliver was eventually pulled up. There is still a Georgia Pacific plywood plant that is located on the old Central main just a little west of Central Junction. I believe that they still receive shipments by rail. The rails are still in place for several miles past the Georgia Pacific plant. At one time, empty cars were stored on this track. This abandoned trackage crosses Georgia Hwy 307 just north of the intersection with US Hwy 80.

There are a few hundred feet of roadbed and rails of the original CofGa mainline still visible near an industrial park where US 80 meets I-95 just east of Pooler.

-- Allen Tuten (, January 12, 2001.

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