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OK people. I've had my MV F4S for 2 months now. I still dunno how to get to the clock and trip functions on the dash.

And I still dunno if I have 2 radiators or can I tell?

Not to mention my neutral switch doesn't work, the stand can be up, and the bike in neutral, but no light. Although the light DOES work at startup and guage test.

And one more thing - I have to go out to my garage everynight and look at it or I can't sleep - is anyone else having THAT problem?

-- Jeremy (, January 11, 2001


Taken from the owner's manual:


The multifunction display provides the following indications:

Speedometer (always in view) Coolant temperature meter (always in view) Odometer or trip meter (TRIP 1, TRIP 2) or clock selectable singularly. The selection of the display functions is performed by operating the engine start button for a time above 0.25 sec. The change of the functions configuration is obtained by means of the SET button (3) located on the display and by means of the engine start button.

[WARNING This operation must be carried-out with the engine running, gearbox in neutral, motorcycle stopped, feet on the ground and on a road closed to the traffic.]

Speedometer and coolant temperature meter

It indicates the speed in Km/h or Mph of the motorcycle; operate as follows to select the unit of measure:

-Start the engine. -Select the total function (total Km or Mph) using the engine start button. -Press the SET button for more than 0.25 sec and make sure that the unit of measure begins to blink. -Press the engine start button to change from Mph to Km/h, or vice versa. -Confirm the selected unit of measure pressing the SET button.

[NOTE Perform the settings when the motorcycle is stopped.]

[WARNING Changing the speedometer unit of the measure changes automatically the odometer unit of measure.]

-After the setting of the speedometer unit of measure, the unit of measure of the coolant temperature meter begins to flash -Press the engine start button to shift from C to F, or vice versa -Press the SET button to confirm the selected unit of measure

Odometer, trip meter, clock Pressing in sequence the engine start button for over 0.25 sec. with the engine running, the following selections are obtained in a cyclic sequence: -Odometer (0-999,000) -Trip meter (TRIP 1) (0-9999,9) -Trip meter (TRIP 2) (0-9999,9) -Clock (0 to 24)

While displayed, it is possible to reset the trip meters pressing the engine start button. for more than four seconds:

-Select TRIP 1 or TRIP 2. -Press the engine start button for more than 0.25 seconds. -The numeric value begins to blink. -Press again the engine start button for more than four seconds you return to the initial value; if the button is pressed for less than four seconds the value is zeroed.

[NOTE For safety reasons all the settings are inhibited at speeds above 5 Km/h, with the exception of the reset between TRIP 1 and TRIP 2 but TRIP1 and TRIP2 reset.]

Clock adjustment . Using the button on the display by means of the engine start button. -Hold the SET button pressed for more than 0.25 sec. and observe that the first figure. relevant to the hours, begins to blink -Press the engine start button to increase of one unit the selected figure -Press the SET button to confirm and select the next figure -After the last selection press the SET button to exit the clock adjustment function and confirm the set time. -At this point also the seconds counting will begin

[NOTE For the fast elapsing of the selected figure press and hold the engine start button for more than two seconds.]

[WARNING Changes of the display settings during the run are not allowed. Removing a hand from the handlebar can reduce your ability to control the motorcycle. Always keep both hands on the handlebars when riding.]

-- Tom (, January 12, 2001.

Hey Jeremy,

One other thing about the clock: I've found that it only operates in 24-hour mode (like military time).

And as far as the 2nd radiator goes, if there is a large screen-like section in the lower (chin) fairing, you have it. The single- radiator bikes just have a solid panel in that area.

If I'm not mistaken, only the Serie Oro models have the single rad, and all of the F4S's have two... but that's just my personal theory based on all the pictures I've seen of the bikes.

Anyone know differently?

-- AZ Scott (, January 12, 2001.

I got an MV F4S '00 and it only has one radiator...

-- Bosco di Cvallo (, January 12, 2001.

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