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Any game at least MAME 36 Final or later WILL NOT PLAYBACK to my knowledge. Therefore, please record all future klax games with MAME 35 TG 3. The last thing I want to do is zero out a score because it can't playback. Let me know if I'm wrong. Thanks for your attention. GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, January 11, 2001


No problem with the dos37b10. I just recorded some klax games ( klax and the 3 clones ) with that version and they all playback well.

-- Lagavulin (, January 11, 2001.

I'll second making klax recordings m35tg3 only, just in case suddenly in mame they reintroduce the problem in the latest version and someone tries to record with it thinking it would work...

-- Chad (, January 12, 2001.

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