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does anyone have a home made cleanser recipe that will get our tub and shower clean without scratching the surface?

we're trying to find a cleanser that we can use in our bathtub/shower that won't scratch the (plastic? or fiberglass?)surface (it's one of those 3 piece tub surrounds). i've found a lot of different cleanser recipes, but none mention this specific purpose.


-- dave (, January 11, 2001


Vinegar will get the lime off easily. It will clean a bathtub, sink, and toilet. Baking soda works out well. Use a non-abrasive scrubbie.

-- Cindy (, January 11, 2001.

Try Baking soda. It will safely clean these surfaces and is recommended by the manufactures. I use it all the time. It requires a little more elbow grease but it is non-toxic and friendly to septic systems.

-- Cheryl (, January 11, 2001.

We have wiped the tub with vinegar, then worked baking soda into it to start a reaction. Worked like "scrubbing bubbles". Also have used vinegar or baking soda by themselves. When I was a 20 something bachelor, I used straight Coca Cola (high in acids) or toothpaste (low abraisive, high polish effect) to clean the tub and sinks.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, January 11, 2001.

The vinegar works better if it is heated first. Spray warm vinegar, let sit for 15 minutes, then scrub with scrubber sponge.

-- Earthmama (, January 11, 2001.

I use baking soda and vinegar also. It works for just about anything. If you have stains use lemon and then the baking soda or borax works well. I freshen my drains with 1/4 c. baking soda and 1 c. vinegar. Just pour in and let foam, flushing with warm water afer 5-10 mins. One more thing, i got a deal on some cases of Bon Ami and it is non-abrasive and works very well. I got a deal, otherwise i just make my own. SM

-- Shau Marie in WI (, January 11, 2001.

Shocked, discusted, or amused, here goes: uric acid. Helps to eliminate athelete's foot fungus, too!

-- Kathy (, January 11, 2001.

Kathy, Uric acid? It must be sure ain't Myic!!! John

-- John in S. IN (, January 14, 2001.

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