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B and B's solicitors have been after me since 6 Sept. 2000. We have sent correspondence backwards and forwards since this date. They are refusing to send me copies of 3 independent valuations they claim have been done. They are insisting that a Best Price Certificate confirms that B & B adhered in their duty to obtain the best price possible for the property. They are also refusing to furnish me with copies of any expence receipts that they claim they have paid out. Each time I receive a letter from B & B's solicitors (Hammond Suddards) they always have for the final paragraph that they now want my completed income and expense form. I also asked the solitors in my last letter to them why they failed to notify me when the property was being sold, as I was totally unaware of the sale. In October 1995, I wrote to the solitors from my address at the time in Southampton, offering my payment proposals for the then 700.00 in arrears. As I was only on a very low income at the time my proposal obviously was not good enough. They went on to repossess the property, sending court papers to my parents address.I asked them why they did not write to me at then my Southampton address, they have told me that they did not have my address on their file which I know to be a lie. I heard nothing further until 6 September when they wrote to me at my new home demanding 14k... a little bit more than my original debt of 700. I have failed to complete any I and E form. What can I now do if they fail to send me the proof I consider I am entitled to, that my property was for the value they are claiming was the best price. I consider my property at the time to be worth in the region of 28k they sold it for a cash price of 18k. Please Help!!!!!!!


-- Debbie Beal (, January 11, 2001



What you need to do in the first instance, now that you have found this site, is read it thoroughly. At the very least you must read the Repossession section. The answers to some of your questions are already there.

I always thought that arrears could be paid off over the whole period of the mortgage (Norgan rules), but I think maybe this needs to be agreed in court? Obviously I don't know all the facts in your case and I'm only going on what I've read on this site anyway, so I hope someone else may have some opinions?

From what you say you need to be satisfied that the lender did in fact sell the property for the best value. If you any doubts, keep asking for proof and evidence, and avoid filling in an I&E form. That's my advice, for what it's worth.

-- Eleanor Scott (, January 11, 2001.

There is nothing you should do if they fail to send you proof of their claim other than to reply in writing that they have failed to do so.

Respond like this to any threat you receive and read the Repossession section of this site thoroughly. It tells you what to watch out for and what to do if you do actually receive a summons.


-- Lee (, January 11, 2001.

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