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Upon viewing a website constructed by Thomas W. Salmons IV,, I came across an old photo of a depot located in Cheraw, SC. The photo is labeled "ACL Freight Depot, Cheraw SC". I am seeking information from anyone who has knowledge of this particular depot (former location and time frame of existence). After further investigation, I located a street in Cheraw named "ACL Avenue" in a residential area, but cannot find any reminants of an old foundation or structure. There is a junction where two lines come together, the old Seaboard "S Line" which ran through Cheraw and another line which runs South along SC HWY 52 to Society Hill, SC. I was under the impression that the only major Railway in this area belonged to Seaboard. Thus my surprise upon viewing the ACL photo on Thomas's website. Any help in clearing up my confusion would be greatly appreciated.

-- Aaron K. Guyer (, January 11, 2001


Aaron, The ACL freight station shown on that website still stands and is occupied by the Cheraw Police Department. It's in great condition. I too was surprised to run across it, not having known that the ACL gained access to Cheraw. I took some photos of it when I passed through there a few years ago.

-- Bob Venditti (, January 12, 2001.

Further to my previous posting, you might want to locate a Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Cheraw, an issue published, say, prior to 1950. Check at the Cheraw Library on Huger St. first. If no luck there, then either city offices or county court house. These maps would show the location of the railroad buildings, floor dimensions and construction.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 11, 2001.

The Cheraw & Darlington RR opened from Florence to Cheraw, May 29, 1853. C&D came under control of the ACL ASSN.(pre-1900 RR!) in 1887. I do not have an opening date for the Cheraw & Wadesboro RR, who extended the line to Wadesboro, but it also came under control of the ACL Assn. on Nov. 30, 1892. The ACL passenger station was 450ft from the SAL passenger station. Places on the ACL near Cheraw: Cash(mp.34), Montrose(a siding? at SC Hwy.13 crossing), Pagoma(siding), Cheraw(mp.40), Little(siding), Kenneth(siding), Laney(mp.46) and McFarland, NC(mp.51). The places indicated as siding did not have station buildings to my knowledge. Yes, the ACL was in Cheraw as well as the SAL.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 11, 2001.

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