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JW is becoming a victim of its own success. The earlier shows were much better because you pointed the camera at the people and let us see them working, arguing, making mistakes etc...the new shows are too edited and have too much direction and commentary...its like Olympic coverage. They used to just point the camera at an event and let us watch. Now they edit it to death and do "up close and personal" and only show highlights of the actual sports. The people who like JunkYard Wars like it because of the building and the problem solving. (Its still a great show)

-- Cill Logie (c.logie@verizon.com), January 10, 2001


That's what happens when something becomes "All- American". That new host is quite annoying as well.

-- matt belton (m_belton@canoemail.com), January 28, 2001.

I agree with your comments. I watched the UK series which came out before the American one and there have been major changes from the original "seat of the pants" show format. I notice that when a challenge is set for the American teams their way of tackling it is identical to the way the brit's went. i.e. One team small and light - one team heavy and powerful! . Also the problems encountered are also identical - the fan blows the wrong way or the engine turns the wrong way for the gearbox. The whole thing is far more stage managed which in some ways improves the end machine but does spoil the "what can we use to make this" aspect of the show.

In the UK series they were not left front end of motor bikes or tent groundsheets meaning the challenge was much greater. Still a great show!

-Dave Morton(davemorton@cems.fsnet.co.uk)

-- David Morton (davidmorton@cems.fsnet.co.uk), March 04, 2001.

I beg to differ with David - there was PLENTY of seeding going on in the Scrapheap shows! Looking at just tonight's episode: An umbrella A tent Carpeting cores Rocket engines What kind of metal content do the above have? Exactly. Why would they be in a scrapyard if they weren't made of metal?

Seeding is not a bad thing - it is a GOOD thing. But rest assured, it was done just as much in the Scrapheap days as it is in the Junkyard Wars era.

My $0.02.

-- Scott Taylor (nospam@cuesight.com), March 06, 2001.

Hey Matt,

Both series are produced by the same production company, so saying that the fault lies in the fact that the americans ruined the show is just stupid.

Maybe you should know what you are talking abot before you spit your biased opinions all over the place.

-- Danny (daniel.burke@lexisnexis.com), September 17, 2001.

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