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When did Southern/NS stop running between the MP 9 trestle and Griffin? I was down there the other day and checked out the trestle. It's kinda weird--beautifully maintained mainline for the training center leading up to the trestle on the North end, and then long unused track leading into the woods on the South end. It is my understanding that a gentleman in Griffin actually owns the right-of-way out of Griffin. Anyone know if he owns the trestle or any other info? Thanks in advance.

-- Andrew Durden (, January 10, 2001


Hello, Andrew...can't tell you anything about the ownership of the real estate that you mention, but there are a number of interesting comments about the "training center" trackage on the C. of Ga website Q&A section, if you haven't yet checked.( Look under 'specific lines', and then click on 'Abandoned rail line near Griffin Ga." My recent SPV rail atlas shows the tracks from 'Experiment' , near Griffin, gone or abandoned northeastward for a few miles to a place called Towalaga. The tracks appear to pick up there and run towards Luella and the Southern main at Grove. (McDonough) Can this be confirmed by someone in the Griffin or McDonough area ?

-- Greg Hodges (, January 10, 2001.

I'd be glad to help confirm, first, the tracks are still intact, though in poor condition. People still walk across the trestle all the time, among "other things". The county has paved over the crossings (Except the dirt roads, and the tracks are visible every now and then, depending on the current conditions of the road. Whoever owns it now has fairly recently cleared the bushes, etc. from most of the line, I see. I work a lot in the spalding county area (I own a repossession company, *ahem) and, being an avid railroader, I am always looking out for this stuff, and Griffin is not just a good place to "steal" cars, but there is tons of old railroad stuff everywhere. (What's up with the old wood caboose at the corner of Broad st. and Experiment st.??) By the way, just on the southside of towm, where the CofG/ Southern "diamond" used to be, they put in the huge welded rail on the south end of this line for about a thousand yards or so, trains that run what is left of this route (About 5 or 6 miles, it goes about a mile past hwy. 362 near Williamson before the tracks finally were torn out) used to derail a lot, I've seen 3 before. Hope this helps some. .....Sure do miss the trains through Concord, ...Molena... etc...

-- E. Rosser (, June 10, 2002.


The line from the other side of the trestle back north to 155 is currently being torn out by the RR. I work on occasion with a couple of guys trying to rebuild the line from the trestle (included) -south to the mill in Griffin (Approx. 6 or 7 miles) for future private use. It is owned by an individual from spalding county. This line is actually in good shape for about 3 miles (deep in the woods)then there are places that rail has been stolen, and is very overgrown. The large trestle is in good shape, and there are 2 other trestles on the line in good shape, also. We spend a couple of days a week cutting trees from the ROW, trying to keep the briars and weeds back, etc. and it is a lot of work.

...But, even in the condition it is in now, it sure is nice to take a few mins. off of work and glide down a couple of miles of the track on the track cart. There is some beautiful, long- untouched scenery back there.

-- Elton Rosser (, March 26, 2003.

...In addition, if anyone would like to assist in the restoration efforts, please contact either myself here at , or contact John Gilbert at 770-337-1240.

-- Elton Rosser (, March 28, 2003.

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