Who put the Bop in the Bop She Bop?

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I've done a little looking. I think it was Slappy White.


-- Michael Fitts (michael@noextraday.com), January 10, 2001


So Redd Foxx played a "junk dealer", in retrospect [and after having been introduced to the happy world of drugs through the public education system] that is a pretty amusing double entendre.

But back to bop she bop: In the early 1800's there was a boxer turned promoter turned failed barber shop soloist named the red headed monkey [Obviously a stage name, his given name was Chu Chu Haufrecht] who, not only put the bop in bop she bop, but also was the name sake of Chu Chu Malave, who was in Dog Day Afternoon.

-- Yousuf (yousuf@itscaketimebaby.com), January 10, 2001.

Well actually, if you trace back to the medieval ages, you will see that there was a song that went, "she-she. but there was a famous roamer that decided that wasnt enough so he decided to place a bop in there. so if you ask me i think its sir David Richerdson

-- matthew Barr (the_floppy_disk@hotmail.com), June 11, 2002.

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