Update on Ilford 3200

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Just wanted to drop in with the results of a recent experience with Ilford 3200.

I tried it out last night a a local basketball game. I wanted to test my new lens (sigma 2.8 70-200 EX USM), under indoor conditions. I shot 3 rolls of the 3200 @2500, developed in Ilford DDX 1-4, 68 degrees for 10 min. Constant agitation, I use a Jobo 1500 series multi tank on an old besler roller.

I brought the contact sheets into work, along with the negs to get input from one of the photographers at work (I work for a newspaper). He said the exposure/negatives looked very good, and the exposure based on the contact sheets looked good and very consistant. He wants me to print up some 5X7's for a closer look, but he said that it looks like I have hit upon a pretty good combination for indoor shooting.

Hope this might help some of those looking for low light, no flash situations.

PS- Recieved many books on Photography for Christmas, including the Ansel Adams series, and others, it has really helped me better understand. Gotta Read!!

-- Jeff Riehl (jtriehl@netzero.net), January 10, 2001


Thanks Jeff. I will try but in 120 rolls. Robert

-- robert cote (coterobert@hotmail.com), January 15, 2001.

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