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Watercolor Workshop in China:

I am sending a link to my web page to you because I thought that some of your members might like to hear about the exciting watercolor workshop that I have organized for May and October of each year. I believe that this is the first workshop planned for mainland China which will be using Professors of Art from Mainland Chinese Art Institutes. Workshop participants will go on an all inclusive trip of a lifetime and will tour the scenic and cultural highlights of mainland China while they do the workshop with a renowned artist. This years highlights will include visits to the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Summer palace in Beijing. After travelling to Shanghai artists will visit Zhouzhaung which is renouned as the Venice of China and then they will visit the inspiring gardens of Suzhou. Then they will venture to the incredible mountains, caves and river of Guilin and they'll get off the beaten track as they journey up the Li River to visit the rice fields and caves of Yangshuoa, the Crown Cave Village, and Moon Cave Village. Artists will also attend many cultural events including a traditional Peking opera as well as cultural music and dancing exhibits in the gardens of Suzhou. They will be inspired by the sights and texture of China. Artists may visit my web site at or may phone me in Canada at (250)492-5790.

Thanks for your interest; Angie

-- angie mcintosh (, January 10, 2001

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