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Errrm - unless I'm going totaly barmy, is the Junkyard Wars (with Carol Rodgers) actually made in the UK? 'cos it looks as if the scrap on the heap looks more or less identical to that in the UK's Scrapheap Challange. Also, despite some Americanisms, the telephone numbers on hoardings etc are very much UK ones.... Great series whatever it's called!!

-- Glyn (, January 10, 2001


The current series of Junkyard Wars was made in England (in Canning Town, East London) on the same Junkyard that all the recent Scrapheap Challenges have been filmed on.

The next series of Junkyard Wars and Scrapheap Challenge will both be filmed in California (location tbc).

-- Andy Bell (, January 10, 2001.

Thanks Andy for the response.. Nice to see some Anglo/American co- operation, but I do hope that will not be the end of filming in the UK?


-- Glyn (, January 10, 2001.


The filming will no longer be done in the UK. Both series will be filmed in the USA.

-- Danny (, September 17, 2001.

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