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I have started my own, one man, third party recruiting firm and I have had a strong client response but I am having a hard time finding the best possible candidates for my clients. I have treaded across HotJobs and Monster and I find myself in a quagmire of mediocrity and unreturned phone calls. There is obviously nothing wrong with either site but anyone can post to it and every recruiter on the planet is plugged in and in full 'hassle' mode with most of the talent. Someone out there help me find a posting site that has some integrity and some decent people. I work in the technology(ERP, Data Warehousing, SCM and ECommerce), Financial(CFO, Controller, Fund Manager, Financial Consultants) and Sales (VP level, Technology, Pharmeceutical/Healthcare Outside Sales) Thanks.

-- Rob Steck (, January 09, 2001


Rob, here is a few links that you might be of interest to you.

Recruiters Toolkit :

Tips from Bill Radin and Recruiters Alliance Website :

EZRecruiting :

You have indicated specialties in the financial, sales, e-commerce and pharmaceutical fields whereas the sites you mentioned such as Monster are generalist sites. With sites like and, just to take the financial slice of the pie that is your niche markets, it makes it more of a challenge for you to sit back and consider what your value proposition really is. Is your value proposition following what others recruiters do and where other recruiters go and thus compete in the same soup, or do you raise the bar, attend specific industry events, build a portfolio in those given industries and build on those specialties. I don't know of any site that has a steady supply of great candidates, the only way I think you find them is to develop your own process and then trust that process. Right now it seems that the initial approach you are taking is the dartboard one, ie throw a dart and hope it hits the treble 20. Maybe you need to look at what your strategy is for finding, tracking and staying in touch with top recruits as well as keep your eye on potential sources of candidates.


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-- Mark Zorro (, January 09, 2001.

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