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My wife and I were divorced in 1984 at which time she was ordered to remove my name from all credit card if she wish to keep them. She never did and never informed the card company that I am no longer a party to her charges. Now after all these years she has established a bad account and I cannot get a good credit rating because of her. I have written to the card companies and explained to them but to no avail. They say that I am still liable. I have not receive any card or charge on them since my divorce. I have since remarried but is still being held accountable for charges that my ex made. Can you help me? Sincerely, Gerard I. Doward, Sr.

-- Gerard I. Doward, Sr. (, January 08, 2001


This site is primarily for UK property repossessions and as such is not really what you need. I am guessing you are in the US? If so, depending on your State legislation, you may have a case against your ex-wife for fraudulent mis-use of the credit card accounts, because of what the Court ordered. It will depend on whether it was simply a direction or an Order enforceable by Law. You need a lawyer, as this is complicated stuff on either side of the Atlantic.

-- Too scared to say (, January 08, 2001.

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