Time Stamping Photos for press

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Firstly, I must say thank you for the informative website and it's a wonderful resource for enlightened thinking.

As a veteran journalist I notice that many bylines are not crediting photographers,just the wire or service they work for. To me I think that is really bad manners on behalf of some of these photo services. Afterall, photographers' risk life & limb in many instances and they should always be credited; that is: if they so desire to be.

That being said, it brings me to my belief in timestamping images of factual newsworthy content. Afterall, truth in journalism is the iconic motto of every great writer & photographer out there. It has come to mind that many images; especially political headshots, current affairs, crisis situtations and the like, should be timestamped as part of the byline. I believe that the press and the world that sees the print in many forms needs to be informed of the exact moments of the captured images as regarding the afore mentioned newsworthy situtations.

What do you think?

J.Quinn Sunartist.com

-- JohnQuinn (jquinn@sunartist.com), January 08, 2001

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